Long Distance Towing Service in Las Vegas

Long Distance Towing Service in Las Vegas

Private property owners can tow vehicles from their lots or garages as long as they provide proper notice. This is usually done via a clearly posted warning sign.

This white-knuckle drive is scary enough for most drivers, but it’s doubly dangerous for larger rigs or trailers. Thankfully, there are plenty of Long-Distance Towing in Las Vegas NV that specialize in assisting large trucks and other vehicles.

Long-Distance Towing

Getting your vehicle back after being impounded can be expensive. You have to pay fees for parking and storage, plus a list of other charges imposed by the towing company. In some cases, these fees can add up to several thousand dollars. New Nevada laws have cut fees considerably for car accident victims.

Private property owners in residential complexes and mobile home parks can tow cars parked on their property as long as they give proper notice. A sign must be posted that prohibits public parking and states the rules of towing. The notice must also state the maximum hourly gate fee and a penalty for excessive charges.

The safest way to transport a vehicle is with a flatbed tow truck. These trucks have a flat trailer that lowers like a ramp, making it easy to load a disabled car. Another option is a wheel-lift tow truck, which lifts a car by its front wheels. This type of tow truck is primarily used for hauling vehicles away from busy highways.

Medium-Dimensional Towing

A tow truck driver’s job can be dangerous and stressful. Tow trucks have to risk their lives every day to help stranded motorists and keep roadways clear of disabled vehicles. Despite this, their ranks have been infiltrated by unscrupulous operators who practice predatory towing. If you’ve been towed from private property, like a parking lot or garage, it’s important to know that you can still get your vehicle back. Providing proper notice is key.

To do this, the vehicle owner must give the tow truck driver a reasonable amount of time to pick up and dispose of the vehicle before contacting the police. A reasonable amount of time is determined by the hourly rate charged for towing and storage. If a tow truck company charges an excessive amount, the vehicle owner is liable for four times the amount of the charge. This is why it’s so important to read the sign on the tow truck before calling to see what fees you will be responsible for if your vehicle is impounded.

Light-Dimensional Towing

There are no special towing requirements for trailers in Nevada, but you should always check with your auto insurance company to make sure that your coverage extends to these specialized vehicles. In addition, Nevada law requires that all trailers be properly tagged and registered to be operated on public roads.

Private property owners can tow cars from their lots or garages as long as they provide proper notice. These signs typically list rules and warnings along with the towing companies who will pick up the vehicles. If you park on a fire hydrant, in a handicapped space, or in a loading zone, for example, your car may be subject to towing.

Nearly all business that transports people or goods for hire is regulated by state and local agencies. These include charter limousines, transportation network companies, taxicabs outside of Clark County, intrastate tour operators, and all vehicle-based businesses that transport placarded hazardous materials. Other types of regulated businesses include repair shops, body shops, and emissions inspection stations.

Emergency Towing

Tow truck drivers put their lives on the line every day to help stranded motorists. Unfortunately, their ranks have become infiltrated with unscrupulous operators who practice predatory towing tactics.

To avoid these problems, there are some things you should find out before hiring a towing service. For example, ask if they charge for mileage. Also, make sure to ask if they’ll take your vehicle to your preferred mechanic. Some towing services only offer towing to a gas station or AAA-approved repair shops.

Under Nevada law, a towing company can’t remove your car from private property without proper notice. However, the law does allow them to charge a reasonable release fee.

If you’re in a jam, call Priceless Towing for emergency roadside assistance. These specialists can do everything from reinflating your flat tire to changing out a burned-out headlight. Plus, they’ll help you gain entry to your locked car without damaging it. Other convenient roadside services include jumpstarting, battery charging, and winch recovery.

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