Jam Monster E-Juice – Strawberry

Are you looking for a delicious snack that is a blend of fruits, a little ice, and a little bit of peanut butter? If so, then you need to check out the Jam Monster. It’s a tasty, fruity snack that is perfect for breakfast or lunch. And it comes in a variety of flavors, including apple, blueberry, mango, peach guava, and strawberry.

Apple Jam Monster

Jam Monster is a brand that takes the best breakfast staples and turns them into incredible, jam-inspired creations. These juices are comforting, yet delicious.

One of the most popular flavors is Apple Jam. The apple jam ejuice has a sweet and tart flavor. It is made with a base of 75 percent VG and 25 percent PG, offering excellent performance in sub-ohm devices.

As with other Jam Monster products, you can choose from a variety of nicotine strengths. If you are looking for a mild throat hit, you can choose the 0mg strength. However, if you want a strong nicotine rush, you can opt for the 3mg strength.


If you are looking for a breakfast e-liquid with a rich flavor, look no further than Jam Monster Blueberry. This deliciously smooth e-liquid is a tasty combination of buttered toast and sweet blueberry jam. You’ll get the same satisfying sensation as if you were savoring a fresh slice of buttered bread topped with sticky blueberry jam.

Jam Monster is a popular e-juice brand that offers a dazzling range of flavors. They have some of the most delicious jam flavors, such as Berry Jam, Butter, and Toast. The company has also recently introduced Salts, which are nicotine-free nic salt varieties.

Jam Monster is a very popular e-juice brand that makes some of the best-flavored jams around. Some of their latest flavors include Blueberry and Mixed Berry Jam Monster. These flavors are crafted to taste exactly like real blueberry jam, and they come in a chubby gorilla bottle that’s perfect for vapers who enjoy a large, thick vapor cloud.


Jam Monster Strawberry is a delicious, full flavored strawberry jam. It’s sweet and rich, with a creamy, buttery taste. This vape juice is great for those who love breakfast foods.

If you’re looking for a tasty treat for your vape, then look no further than the new Jam Monster Strawberry. This e-liquid features a sweet, buttery, and tart flavor that will have you begging for more.

For a limited time, you can get a 100 ml bottle of this flavor. It’s perfect for sub-ohm tanks and starter kits. And if you’re into a nicotine buzz, you can even try the Tobacco Free version.

Grape Jam

Jam Monster is a brand that creates incredibly delicious eliquids. They specialize in jam-inspired concoctions, and their Grape e juice is one of the best. It combines the sweet, fruity flavor of grape jam with the savory taste of butter.

This e-liquid is perfect for any time of day. You will feel like you are indulging in a classic breakfast sandwich when you vape it. With the rich, sweet and tart taste of grape jam, this e-liquid will be your new favorite.

Jam Monster PB & Grape Jam E-Juice starts with a smooth peanut butter flavor and transitions to a sticky sweet grape jam on the exhale. The 50/50 PG/VG ratio makes this juice a great all-day vape.

Mango Peach Guava Ice

Mango Peach Guava Ice is a refreshing fruit cocktail that has a sweet, tropical mango and juicy guava taste. The ICE mango peach guava blend is a tangy, icy e-liquid that is perfect for those who love vapes with a touch of menthol. This tasty e-liquid is a definite must-try.

Mango Peach Guava Ice is incredibly refreshing and the ice-cold menthol makes this a perfect summer drink. Whether you’re a die-hard menthol enthusiast or just a gullible fruit lover, you’ll definitely fall for this delicious and refreshing e-liquid. You’ll experience a smooth and ripe mango and luscious guava taste in every puff, making it the ideal summer beverage.

PB and Jam

Jam Monster is a vape juice brand that combines jam with nicotine salt for a tantalizing treat that leaves your taste buds begging for more. The name of this e-liquid is a mouthful, but it is the best peanut butter and jam e-juice around.

In addition to the flavorful PB and Jam, the company offers a few other vape worthy beverages. One of the newest is the Mixed Berry Jam Monster, a vape juice blend that’s packed with the juiciness you’d expect from the name. Featuring Blueberry, Raspberry, and Blackberry jams, it’s a breakfast concoction that’s a must try.

On top of its vape worthy beverages, the company also has a range of high-end e-liquids to choose from. If you’re looking for a juice to spruce up your breakfast routine, try one of the PB and Jam Monster E-liquids.

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