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Backyard Remodel Ideas and Renovation

Renovating your backyard can add value to your home. It can also be a wonderful place for family gatherings, grilling parties and relaxing evenings.

Whether you’re looking to reimagine your entire yard or just refresh a small area, we can help. Here are some of the most popular renovation options:.

Outdoor Kitchens

Whether you love entertaining friends and family or just want to kick back and relax after a long day at work, an outdoor kitchen will make your backyard even more enjoyable. Our professional team can design and build the perfect space for your cooking and entertaining needs.

From a simple grill to a full-on gourmet kitchen with pizza oven and fire pit, we have the skills to help you bring your vision to life. We can also create a patio cover to keep your appliances and guests protected from the elements.

We can also add specialty countertops, pizza ovens, built-in fireplaces and AV specialists for your backyard entertainment system. Choosing the right landscape materials is also important. We’ll recommend the best quality products that will last and look beautiful for years to come. Our garden services can also take care of your plants and keep your yard looking pristine season after season.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Nothing sets the ambiance and brings people together like an outdoor fireplace. Whether you want to use wood or gas, our professionals have you covered with a wide variety of options for your outdoor fire needs.

Our fire pits are designed to offer year-round warmth and comfort. They are also easy to light and require little maintenance other than keeping combustible materials and blankets away from the area.

Unlike the traditional wood-burning fireplace, this choice offers a sleek look while still providing the warmth you crave. It can be used with either real or artificial logs and features a convenient log rack for easy storage of fuel. The flue design helps reduce smoke blowback and the durable steel construction and manufacturer’s one-year warranty ensure lasting use season after season.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor living spaces are a wonderful way to increase the comfort of your home. They can provide an area where you can cook and eat, relax or entertain guests. They also offer the opportunity to decompress from the stresses of daily life and reconnect with nature, which has been shown to reduce stress levels and boost the immune system.

Outdoor kitchens, paved paths, fire pits and seating areas all add to the appeal of your property. They can also help your home stand out amongst the competition if you decide to sell in the future.

One important thing to remember is not to go overboard! Adding too many features can be overwhelming and make your backyard feel crowded and cramped. Stick to the elements you and your family will most enjoy using and let the rest of the yard speak for itself. Proper nighttime lighting is another key feature to consider. It can transform the ambiance and safety of your new outdoor space after dark.

Pools & Spas

A backyard pool is a big draw for many people who wish to enjoy Orange County and Southern California’s sunny climate year-round. But pools require a large budget, a lengthy construction time and the services of a reputable pool contractor.

Spas are a much more manageable option for some homeowners, providing the same benefits as a swimming pool without the expense and hassle of pool maintenance. We can help you choose the right spa for your family and install it as part of a comprehensive Backyard Redesign Services project.

Water and fire are two of the most calming and mesmerizing elements on earth, and we can integrate one or both into your landscape design. From small fountains to multi-tiered, stacked stone waterfalls, we can create the feature that turns your outdoor living area into an oasis that you and your loved ones will enjoy for years to come. Backyard redesigns that include water and fire features are also more cost effective than adding them later as add-ons.

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